14 March 2010

The Real World: DC

I was reminded today that I'm really only watching The Real World this season because it's in DC. Cuz yeah, this show really sucks. Watching Andrew date =/= exciting or interesting. At least he's got a good-looking chick this time. He does meet another chick though, who is up to his ugly standards. And she has the balls to call the other chick ugly. Ha ha. Girls suck.

Erika taught herself how to play piano. You don't say.

Erika sucks. She flips out over possibly missing a phone interview because Mike's on the phone. Don't they have call waiting? This isn't the first Real World for Christ's sake. Erika doesn't get the job, so of course it's the end of the world. She claims to have a passion for music. I don't know, if you have a real passion for something, shouldn't it show? Don't you have a driving need to do something, and continue to do it even if you're shot down? She doesn't seem very passionate. Shouldn't you be singing on a street corner or something? You know, instead of playing crappy piano and "singing" in the house?

And she's such a jealous bitch too. She claims she's not a quitter. Really? This is the second time you're threatening to leave the house. Shut up, Melodrama Queen.

I say all this about Erika, of course, fully realizing she and I have a lot in common. At least I own it, bitch! I need my own Callie to give me a pep talk. I love you, Callie!!

You'll never guess what happens next week: Erika threatens to leave again! She packs a bag! She cries! I'm actually looking forward to next week now. Erika's misery amuses me.

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Kim said...

misery loves company