06 March 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design using materials from a hardware store.

Emilio decides to make something out of little metal circles and cord. So... pasties? Amy uses sandpaper because she wants to take off a layer of her model's skin.

It's actually not all-bad. There's a lot of robot/armor/tin-foil looking stuff. Emilio barely gets a bikini out of his materials, and it's an ugly bikini to boot. I'm sooo over Mila's mod/60's/black and white looks. But even more, I'm over the judges eating them up.

Amy's sandpaper look is great. Jay's trash bags look great - I love me some Jay. There are a couple other tolerable looks. But also a couple foil-wrapped baked potatoes.

Winner: Jay. YAYYYY! He really is the greatest. And not just because he's tiny, Asian, and gay. But mostly.

Bye-Bye: Jesse. Woah - Jesse over Emilio!? That's effed up. I mean, Jesse's Jiffy Pop Baked Potato sucked, but all Emilio had was some string and some damn washers. I'm putting his picture on here too because it was so awful.

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Kim said...

I think Jay and Anthony are hooking up. Read the body language. heeyyyyyy that's a good idea for some kind of clip show. I need to know which gays are hooking up with which.