29 March 2010


When we last left 24, I was trying to decide if the Starbuck Is Bad twist was awesome or horrible. I think I'll just stop over-thinking it. This is our last season for pete's sake.

The rods are in a taxi cab in Manhattan, so they should be easy to find.

President Taylor (Hey! She's still around!) wants a favor from Jack - she wants him to escort President Pompadour and his family. Babysitting duties!? Really!? Is this the most efficient use of his time? Must mean something's going to go down....

The Bad Guy calls the President and makes his demand -- turn over the Pompadour. Her idiot Chief of Staff Rob - or whatever he is - actually says they should think it over. LOL! It's funny, yet loads of other advisors are on board too. It's crazy how they're so quick to sell out the Pompadour and bend over for the terrorists. President Hardass won't stand for it, dammit!

Rob and The Bald Guy Who Always Plays The Sneaky Bastard are planning to work behind her back and give the Pompadour up, because working behind the President's back always works out really well on this show. So they have to try to kidnap the Pompadour from Jack and Renee. That should be easy, right? Ethan catches them conspiring, hilariously has a heart-attack or something, and is hilariously left to die of said heart-attack by Bald Guy. He spends the rest of the episode unconscious on the sofa.

Bald Guy sends a team of goons to nab President Pompadour. Well, guess it's a good thing Jack is babysitting! Jack knows something is up and when he talks to Rob, Rob totally hangs up on him! YOU DON'T HANG UP ON JACK BAUER!!! They're ambushed by the goons. Cue bigass shootout number 478.

Where are Jack & Co. running away to and why are they in a weird, never-ending tunnel? President Pompadour saves Jack's ass this time with a nice, last-second shot. The last remaining goon spills his guts easily, telling Jack about the ransom demand. He actually has the gall to tell Jack to deliver the Pompadour to the terrorists! No, honey, sorry, that's not how Jack does things.

Meanwhile, the bad guys are hilariously putting together their little bomb - and appear to be touching the rods and things. As Mike says, "Shouldn't they at least be putting on that apron you wear for dental x-rays?" Oy.


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