22 March 2010


The EMP has knocked out all of CTU's power and resources, but the emergency lighting looks cool. It's all blue. Gotta keep the show looking good.

Jack and Freddie come upon the bad guys and take fire. Pretty cool, really long shootout scene involving loads of guns, using the CTU vehicle doors as armor, a dumbass Red Shirt not following Jack's orders and dying for it, and Little Owen dying trying to be a hero. Why don't these people ever listen to Jack!? R.I.P. Owen - it was going to happen sooner or later.

The best part of the shootout is that, in the midst of it, one of the bad guys recognizes Jack and we get the hilarious: "It's Jack Bauer, ex-CTU. He's one of their best agents!" Jack's hella famous in bad guy circles. I bet they'd listen to him.

The NSA comes in to help CTU get back online, but of course Chloe has a faster, better way to do it. It involves holding the NSU guys off at gunpoint while she works. She also calls Renee to let her know Jack's out on his own without CTU help. Renee of course decides to go out on her own as a one-woman search team in a big ass city.

Whatever Chloe's doing, it's dangerous. There is a lot of technobabble involved. And that's boring. But Chloe stands up for herself so yay Chloe. Director Bubba Hunchback gives her 10 minutes to get her S together and fix everything. Guess what - it works. Yay Chloe but that was all just a bunch of nonsense. There were sparks when she rebooted the server (or whatever) and everything. Oy. Bubba tries to thank her, but she says, "I'm not good with praise." LOL, Chloe, are you good with any form of communication?

Renee shows up just as Jack's about to get shot in the head - WAIT - THAT'S TONY'S JOB, DAMMIT!! I miss Tony. *pout*

"Go ahead. Talk to my supervisor. It's a goddamn national crisis. Go eff yourself." Starbuck really needs to say something along those lines. Come to think of it, Starbuck would have said that - but Dana won't. Instead, she pulls the parole office aside and tells him any surveillance tape of Rape Van Kevin and the Rape Van was destroyed by the EMP. The parole officer says thanks and leaves for Little Rock. Well, that was worth the drive, huh?

But wait - he's ba-ack. And he's asking for Director Bubba Hunchback. Wow - this guy is really persistent. An EMP, all the power's out, there's a national crisis -- they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Starbuck confronts him in a conference room - Jesus, woman, leave it alone! And as he's being all threatening with her, she freaking strangles him. Like HONEST TO GOD KILLS HIM!!

OK, so I did NOT see that coming. It makes no sense, and I don't know how she can get away with it, but there it is. At least it was something different. She hides the body behind a wall panel. I hope the air conditioning is working soon.

Just as we're reeling from this, we get another "shocking" revelation - Starbuck is working with the bad guys. I say "shocking" because it really did come out of nowhere and is just there to be shocking. But I guess it helps make the freaking murder she just committed make sense. I don't know. Isn't it always the woman from CTU involved in crap? She's no Nina. Yet.


Juju said...

It's still bothering me. So if Dana were "bad" all along, wouldn't she have just killed the Rape Van Twins instead of going through all that robbery BS? I suppose she was afraid they'd blow her cover so she couldn't just ignore them. Still, you think she could have called one of her Bad Guy Buddies and had them take the 2 a-holes out of play. Or just done it herself when she went to her apartment. All I'm saying is, she clearly hasn't been bad from the start. Not that 24 has ever been good at advance planning.

Karen said...

hahaha...love that you "comment" to follow up your thoughts.
I think Dana being "bad" does give the okay for all of the stuff she's done thus far, because she can't have anyone get in the way of her helping the evil plot, right? I mean, she was another person with a criminal record years ago, so I'll take the fact that she's working for the terrorists. It's believable, but then it's when you look back that you can't decide "what were they thinking when they did ___ if they were working for the bad guys then?" We re-watched last season and I was thinking that through all of the scenes with Tony before you knew he was really bad. You just don't know...trust the writers! Ha!
Chloe rules and I love that she still has zippy, awkward one-liners.
We're going to rely on you next week to summarize the episode for us!! We can't watch it! More detail than ever, Juju.
Doesn't this comment window have a max amount of words?!? Sheesh...I'm still going!!!

Juju said...

Watch it online the next day! You'll be able to find it either on FOX.com or Hulu!!

Jéssica e Inês said...

Cooll !!!