14 March 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a look inspired by either earth, air, fire, or water.

I liked some of the broader interpretations of the elements. Like Anthony who interpreted fire more like smoke and what's left after the fire. Even Jonathan and his "air" -- enveloped in a swirl of uncontrollable laughter -- was cool, if pretentious.

Amy took a risk again, and this one was worse than the clown pants. She had this bowl-type thing that was meant to contain her model's hair and look all wind-swept. But it looked like a freaking bird's nest of hair on her chest. I think Anthony called it hairy tits. It's a DISASTER!

It figures that the one time I don't mind something Mila makes, it's something the judges hate.

Lucky for Amy, Ben makes a really crappy suit. With what Michael Kors aptly called "jock strap pants." The model looked like she was wearing a diaper or a codpiece. Gross.

Winner: Jonathan and his pretentious laughter.

Bye-Bye: Ben. Amy lucked out! Thank goodness Ben has no taste or skill whatsoever!!

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