09 March 2010


Watching the Bad Kid throw himself out the window again was LOL-worthy. So not only was it through a window, but through some panes as well. I think it would have been better if he had attempted to run through and bounced off. Would have been epic.

Instead, he's inside his little hyperbaric chamber at the hospital, rewiring his bomb so he can kill himself. There's a bunch of dumb political backstory as Jack tries to persuade him to surrender. No dice. That's OK - Jack's ready to bring out the big guns -- YOUR MOM! And when she can't talk him down? Jack very nicely threatens that he's going to make her clean up the body bits he leaves behind in the chamber and then take her to the nuclear blast site and expose her to radiation. Aaaaand he's out. Bad Guys love their mommies.

Jack gets all Hurt Locker and tries to disarm the vest, but the other bad guys trigger a fail safe. Jack is no Jeremy Renner, and can't get it done in time. Bad Kid names Hassan's head of security as a conspirator and then goes back into the chamber and explodes. WOAH! And then there's a nice shot of the inside of the chamber and we both yelled, "WOAHHHHH!" Make his mom clean that mess up!

President Pompadour's daughter is hella sweaty from sex with her boyfriend/dad's-betrayer. Hella sweaty. It's gross. Her parents are working to track her down, especially once Jack tells them that Tarin is a confirmed conspirator. The daughter tells them where she is, but Tarin's clearly suspicious she knows something and is stalling. She should just tell him she has to drop a deuce - that should give her 5-10 minutes of time.

Meanwhile, back in CTU, they're ba-ack. Starbuck and Freddie finally show up to the office, and he's all calm and collected while she's totally freaking out. Chill, bitch. Shut up and get back to work. She gets demoted for her complete abandonment of her duties. I love how people always gets promoted and demoted within a minute. Isn't there some kind of HR process they have to go through at CTU?

Starbuck gets a call from Rape Van Kevin's probation officer. Really. At 2:30 in the morning. He has tracked Kevin all the way from Arkansas to New York City (is he a probation officer? a bounty hunter? what?), found that he stayed at a hotel, saw that Kevin had called Starbuck several times, so decides to call her as well to get more information on where he might be. Worst. Setup. Ever.

It's also time for me to finally recognize that Freddie's accent bothers me. It comes and goes and tonight it was there. What is that - Faux Brooklyn? Trying to act older? I don't get it.

Next week looks good though - some kind of Security issue at CTU!

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Karen said...

Good summary..not much to add. You picked up some of the finer points of the episode..sex sweat, stalker parole officer needing a life, that amazing window-breaking recap... I like Cole- he just needs to get a big ol' rifle in his hands.

Do you think Renee is done this season? Or is she gonna die in the last episode because now Jack has a girlfriend? Is the President's plot not really a plot this season?