14 February 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design an outfit for Heidi to wear on the cover of Marie Claire magazine. So the outfit has to meet some criteria - like minimal patterns, eye-catching up top, colorful.

Anna's vest and shorts were gross. The shorts totally made it look like the model had a dick. And it's just blah.

Mila's was really washed-out and the seams were crappy. If they like this one, I'll shoot myself.

Anthony finally did something great! Yay! What a relief. I really liked the color and the design. I liked Maya's too - the neckline was cute. Ben's was colorful and hot too.

Winner: Anthony! Thank you for finally justifying my love for you, man. Well done.

Bye-bye: Anna. Well, duh. And luckily, they hated Mila's too. I don't have to shoot myself.

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