17 February 2010


I thought this episode had both a lot going on and nothing at all. It's probably going to be one of those episodes that makes more sense later on, but for now it felt bloated with a lot of "gotcha!" moments.

To whit (for Non-Island Locke):

-- He gets fired from his job, but then he runs into Hurley -- because he owns Locke's company!!

-- Hurley passes on the phone number of the temp agency he owns -- and Rose happens to work there!!

-- Locke works as a substitute teacher -- where Ben is a history teacher!!

I mean, this whole people-from-the-Island-are-still-linked thing is already getting old. I get it. They're linked.

Meanwhile, on the Island, Smokey!Locke is "recruiting" - he has Richard strung up in a tree and seeks out a dirty, drunken, grieving Sawyer.

Then we have our standard unexplained Island-y moments:

-- Locke sees a kid standing in the jungle with blood on his hands. Later, when he's with Sawyer, they both see the kid and Locke chases after him. The kid says to Locke: "You know the rules. You can't kill him." Locke's all, "Don't tell me what I can't do" and the kid stomps off. Mmm-kay.

-- Sawyer knows that Locke isn't Locke, but is curious as to how this will play out. Locke takes him to a cave where there are scales balanced with a black rock on one side and a white rock on the other. Locke picks up the white rock (which symbolizes Jacob) and throws it into the ocean. Mmm-kay.

-- The last names of our Oceanic passengers are written on the ceiling of the cave. And some have numbers next to them. And some are crossed out. Locke says Jacob wrote the names, and that he pushed everyone onto the Island because they were "candidates" - to be the new Jacob and protect the Island. But Locke says it doesn't need protecting and they should just leave the Island. "You ready, James?" Sawyer: "Hell yes." Mmm-kay.

In Real-Locke news, Ben, Sun, Frank, and That Other Chick bury the real Locke's body just off the beach. Ben gives the eulogy, including, "I'm very sorry I murdered him." El. Oh. El.


Kim said...

You forgot to add that the smokemonster ate a hot dog.

Bobby Z said...

Cant history teacher Ben find something better (and less cliche) to bitch about than emptying the coffee filter ? Do all teachers lounges (in movies) go through this ?