20 February 2010

The Real World: DC

I missed an episode because I couldn't bring myself to force my eyes open to watch it. And now it's not available on MTV's site for some reason. What did I miss? I remember Erika was supposed to throw some big fit, threatening to leave. Well, she's still here, so that's pointless. I may have missed some hot gay makeouts - always disappointing.

Mike's come to terms with his love for Tanner and I guess he's fully-gay now. Tanner's going to visit! Finally! But not yet. First Mike's family visits. Mike takes his mom to the Tabard Inn to come out. Love the Tabard Inn. I hear rumors they have great donuts.

Mike has the greatest mom ever. She apologizes for asking him to keep it a secret, and she's just great. "I still want grandchildren so you better change some freaking laws." LOVE HER!

The rest of the episode is spent trying to form bands. Have we never heard Josh sing before? Because he suuuuucks. I would have remembered that I think. He doesn't play anything either? What the hell does he bring to the table? He also chooses the best/worst band name ever - Wicked Liquid. Even he can't say it correctly twice. Oy. Sounds like a brand name of lube.

Erika just seems to live to annoy me, moping about not having a band. She's also one of those psycho girlfriends who calls her boyfriend 14 times in a row, even though he clearly has his cell phone turned off. Weirdo.

Hot tip: Watch the Aftershow online. They still can't sing. Josh is really horrific and doesn't have that sexy presence he thinks he does.

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