09 February 2010


Island. Sayid comes back to life. 10 bucks says he's really Jacob. And you gotta love Hurley asking Sayid if he's a zombie.

Japanese Dude tells Jack he has to get Sayid to take a pill to ward off the "infection." When he won't say what's in the pill, Jack tries to take it, but Japanese Dude stops him - because the pill contains poison.

Japanese Dude says that Sayid has been "claimed" - that something dark has possession of his body and is trying to take over him. He also says this same thing happened to Claire.

Sawyer's had enough and leaves the Temple. The Temple Others say he has to come back, and Kate and Jin set off after him. They're separated and Jin is rescued... by Claire. Claire with nappy hair.

Can I just say how pissed I am that Juliet is gone? Because Sawyer loved her so damn much and they were great together and they lived together for however many years in that damned Dharma Initiative. He was going to ask her to marry him. And now he's all sad and depressed. Boo.

And now it's time for some flash-sideways.

Non-Island. Kate is fleeing the airport in a taxi. She lets pregnant Claire out and takes off. When she goes through Claire's bags and realizes she's pregnant, Kate drives back to get her. Claire's on the way to meet with the couple who's going to adopt her baby, and Kate drives her there.

When they arrive, they find out that the couple has split and is no longer interested in the baby. Does Claire have a Return Policy? She starts going into labor, and Kate (Claire's Personal Taxi Service, apparently) takes her to the hospital. That evil Ethan dude is the doctor.

They hold off the labor for a bit, and Claire gives Kate her credit card, because she's nice and naïve/dumb like that. Claire should've saved it to buy shampoo for the island. She could probably use some toothpaste too.

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