18 March 2012

21 Jump Street

This goddamn movie was hysterical; I'm so happy it was good!  First of all, I love Jonah Hill.  And even if he's Skinny Jonah Hill here, he's still awesome.  (I find it comforting that he's gaining weight again since this movie -- the world makes sense now.)  Secondly, I love Channing Tatum.  I mean, he can't emote for shit and he's whitebread as hell, but he's still hot.  And he's actually quite funny!  He should lose the romantic melodramas and stick to playing a himbo.

21 Jump Street is a great, R-rated comedy, like Superbad and The Hangover.  Plus there's the nostalgia element, and Ice Cube as the typical angry, black captain.  And then you know what?  It has heart too.  Like, I thought for sure I'd never want to see Jonah Hill without Michael Cera, but if they can't be together, then Jonah and Channing is good enough for me!  They're adorable little BFFs.

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