03 March 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Create an avant-garde look that uses lighting effects, like LED lights, fiber optics, and black light.  Pretty cool.

There's a random bit of "Austin's (hot) mom is homeless" drama, because her house has gone into foreclosure like 25% of the rest of America.  Not sure what they're going for here, other than it means Austin's getting the boot and we're supposed to feel bad.  They might just be desperate for some kind of story.

All of the looks are crazy as shit.  Like, Nicki-Minaj-crazy.  But they're supposed to be!  To me, they're all pretty equally awesome -- except Michael's, which looks like someone from Mortal Kombat -- or perhaps some more recent video game reference.  Hey -- guest judge Pharrell Williams uses the same dated reference!

Winner: Austin.  Too bad the prize isn't a new home for mommy.

Bye-bye: Jerell.  Yeah, I could see that.  He had this long black skirt under his dress. Looked better with just the tights under it.

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