15 March 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

When we last left these idiots, Ty was semi-offended by Emily's blackface and we awaited who would be going into The Dome with them.  Paula and Dunbar are sent in.  Jesus, even TJ tells CT and Diem that it was a stupid move.  Shoulda broken up with Johnny/Mark alliance instead of picking on Paula and Dunbar.  Whatever, dude, they don't overthink this stuff.  Except that they do.

Bye-bye: Paula and Dunbar.  AHAHAHAHAHA.  Paula says she'll be doing challenges til she's 83.  So next year, then?

The remaining teams are summoned to an airfield.  This is the point where I remember that they're going to, like, the goddamn Arctic for the finale and I'm excited again.  Not yet though -- this challenge just involves doing some crap while running through the jet wash.  The jet wash is horrifically strong, so the challenge is hysterical.

Power Couple: CT and Diem.  In your face, TJ!

The Dome: Mark and Robin are sent in to go against losers Camila and Johnny.  Mark literally hasn't gone through an elimination challenge in his 57 years of doing Challenges?  Damn.  To be continued, of course.

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