27 March 2012


Freak of the Week: Creepy guy with burns all over his face applies what seems to be a pheromone or something that makes some strange woman kiss him.  But as soon as the effects wear off and she backs away, he Saran-wraps her face, so there isn't much more kissing....

But it's even creepier -- the pheromone is some combination of pheromones and the victims' dead-husbands' mojo, which Burn Victim extracts by dehydrating the guys, extracting the DNA or mojo or whatever it is.  Olivia and Lincoln raid Burn Victim's place and find the latest male victim.  I love it when Olivia wears her wool hat.  It means she's ready to kick some ass.  The team heads to the wife's house... but it turns out their marriage wasn't all that great.  And that the killer is actually at the dead guy's mistress's house!! Olivia and Lincoln arrive just as he's about to kill the mistress and save the day. 

In side plot news, Olivia's freaked out by her 2 sets of memories, but also doesn't remember half of what she should, like breakfasts with Nina.  Olivia wants Walter to fix her (but then by the end, decides to just let things happen and let the new memories take over).  Lincoln just plain wants Olivia.  Lincoln has really beautiful eyes.

Walter analyzes video of The Disappearing Observer Incident that was captured in the lab.  When slowed way, way down, you see other Observers come in, take September, and September does something to Peter's eye.  Now it's time to analyze Peter's eye.  Walter pulls a little something out of Peter's pupil.  Puke.  The thing has writing on it - an address - that was designed to essentially be read by Peter's subconscious, to drive him to visit that location.

When Peter visits the address, it appears to be where Observers live, though no one's home. Just a bunch of old newspapers and a couple Observer hats.  And a beeping record player that hides a suitcase containing their little observing devices.  He takes a tracking device and follows its lead to the middle of the woods, where one of those bullet-shaped things comes out of the ground.

Peter takes it home and pokes around at it until it activates and shoots a beam of light up into his house.  In that beam of light, September appears.  The thing was a beacon to lead September back because the Observers weren't letting him play on Earth anymore.  Or something.  Now Peter wants September to help him back home.  He tells Peter he's been home all along and that Olivia is his Olivia.  Then he and the Magic Bullet disappear.

Olivia and Peter have a middle of the night, middle of the street reunion kiss.  For a couple I never wanted to be together in the first place, I'm happy they're back together!!!

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: He's run out of M&Ms.

This Week's Code: QUILL.

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