17 March 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Finale Part One, bitches!

Final Challenge: Design a collection of 5 looks in 4 days. Easy! But first, a giant ad for Marie Claire magazine.  Snoooooze.

Austin says he's doing something that's like a female rock star mixed with a Hasidic gentleman.  What the actual eff.  Mondo's having one of his emo times, where he's not feeling any of his fabrics and doesn't know what to do.  Oh poor, sad, unmotivated Mondo.  He literally spends a day on the couch.  But he usually pulls it out in the end.  So he turns his mental illness into a collection theme -- therapy.  Including some awesome homemade Rorschach-test fabric.

The designers have to make a 6th look using scrap fabric from their previous designs, and ousted designers are brought in to help for 24 hours.  Mondo chooses Mila, Austin chooses Anthony, and Michael picks April.  Anthony cracks his ass up over Austin's description of his collection.  Love Anthony's honesty and love these two together.

It's a blue balls kind of ending, as we must wait til next week for the runway show.

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