18 March 2012

The Walking Dead

I don't love The Walking Dead.  I don't even enjoy it half the time, and it's not as good as it could or should be.  But I keep watching.  Why?  Because I'm Team Zombie, and there's nothing like it on TV.

OMG these people and their emotions and their moral dilemmas and their talking.  Let's not even mention how much the women just stand around talking about their periods.  Or how many times everyone yells, "Carl!" in a Southern accent.  Or how they spent half a damn season looking for a dumb little girl who was clearly not gonna come back.  Even in a world without zombies, you can't wander into the woods and expect to live.

But yes, I watch for the zombies.  And because they've had some cool gore effects and a couple genuine surprises (Dale's death... thank god that annoying old man is gone).  You're guaranteed an awesome 5-7 minutes a week.  I was also Team Shane because he became genuinely crazy and dangerous.  I love crazy.  But then last week, Rick killed Shane, he caught the zombie virus (which is apparently simply airborne), and then Carl's dumb ass killed Shane again.  R.I.P. Shane.  What will I do now?  Oh that's right -- I have Daryl.  OMG I love Daryl so much.  I used to love the Asian guy, but he's been blah and pointless this season.  Daryl and Andrea - that's really all I got now.  Because I'm sure as hell not rooting for Lori's dumb ass.  Or Carl's.  CARRRRRLLLLL! 

The last few minutes of last week were epic - epic action, epic music, epic visuals.  I wish the show was that good for the other 36 minutes. I also wish my cable company carried AMC in HD; it will seriously be the death of me.  I can't keep watching TV like a poor person.  But anyway -- on to the season finale....

We open in the city.  I miss the city.  I hate being stuck on that farm.  It's worth noting that there was a helicopter in the sky.  Other people are alive!  Yay!  A massive herd of zombies are making their way from the city through the fields to the farm, like some sort of goddamn pilgrimage.  Rick and Carl make it to the barn while everyone else sets up on the front porch or drives around in the vehicles, shooting whatever they can.  Rick takes out a bunch of them by luring them inside and lighting the barn on fire.

Lori's freaking out because she can't find Carl.  Yeah, idiot - you never keep an eye on him.  Now shut the eff up and shoot some goddamn zombies!!!!  The zombies make off with a couple of the random members of the farm family.  It's total chaos and a freaking invasion and no one knows who's alive and who's dead and people still think Shane is alive and with Rick and I LOVE IT! Until they leave Andrea behind.  Then I'm screaming at the TV.  Seriously, everyone drove off in their separate vehicles... and left her behind.  Die, people.  Die.

Everyone reunites on the highway.  Except, you know, ANDREA.  She's running through the woods, killing zombies.  Yeah, she is!!  Go Andrea!!!

Rick tells everyone that they're all infected with the zombie virus.  That's what the dude told him at the CDC last year.  OK now I have a real problem -- why wouldn't Rick tell people that right away?  It's kind of important to know that when someone drops dead they're going to be zombified no matter what.  The kind of detail you want to know when living in close quarters.  I would've been happier if they had said you could catch it through scratches.  And now this means Shane wasn't turning recently, he was just crazy and murderous?  Eh, I don't buy that either. I'll stick with my theory.

Rick tells everyone the whole saga of Zombie!Shane, and now Lori wants no part of him.  Jesus, woman.  Make up your stupid mind.  Rick also declares that it's not a democracy anymore; so I guess he's the King now.

Andrea's still on the run, killing more zombies, out of ammo, but stabbing them in the face and what not.  And just when she's about to get it, she's saved.  A hooded figure (did I see boobs on this figure?) slices off the zombie's head.  This hooded figure is also walking 2 arm-less zombies on chains.

It was a killer finale with a nice setup of what's to come.  I wish this show lived up to its promise.  I'll hope for the best!

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