30 March 2012


Freak of the Week:  Remember that episode from - I don't know - maybe the first season - where the guy on an airplane gets a nosebleed and then turns into a horrific porcupine monster in the bathroom?  That again.

Olivia's going through a million psych evals because of her changing-identity-and-memories issues, and is forced to take time off.  So she has to sit at home while Pacey gets called out on cases with the Fringe team.  Better make him dinner, bitch!

This case is familiar to Peter, of course, right down to the exact flight number.  Peter calls in Olivia to help since she remembers the case as well.  They're all at the guy's house when another porcupine monster attacks Lincoln and I scream.  Yay for a genuine scare!  But now Lincoln's infected.

The case isn't a 100% match.  Olivia and Peter visit that little bald guy who runs the used bookstore to get him to decipher a tattoo on the original porcupine dude.  It leads them to a group who is interested in guided mutation, creating the next evolution of the species.

The second porcupine guy has wings too.  And a regular, hot human chick who loves him and supports him and flies around with him.  Weird.  When the team catches up to them, and Lincoln shoots the porcupine guy 100 times, the chick starts attacking Lincoln, til Peter shoots her off him.  Naturally, Walter finds a cure for Lincoln.

At the end, we see all kinds of hybrid creatures contained on a boat somewhere.  Like goddamn Freaky Noah's Ark.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week:  Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. That actually doesn't sound awful. 

This Week's Code: FU (heh) FUTURE.

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