22 March 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes: Finale Part I

The Dome: Mark and Robin v. Camila and Johnny, in that brutal pull-the-stick-away-from-the-other-person challenge.  Camila kicks Robin's ass and Johnny breaks the old guy down.

Bye-bye: Mark and Robin.  Go raise your son, sweetie.  Mark of course claims this is his retirement, but I don't buy it.

Time to travel to ICELAND!!  That sounds like a goddamn nightmare, but these idiots are excited.  I hope their dicks freeze off.   Because it's -10 degrees.  TJ tells them to get some rest.  So of course they go out and do some shots.

The final challenge involves 7 different checkpoints. And they HAVE to finish; you can't quit and settle for third.  Sounds like a TJ Rule.

First up is dog-sledding and then they have to jump into an icy river. The best time at those events gets the best sleeping accommodations.  They're all sleeping on the glacier tonight.  I like the whole ranking of accommodations.  Nice.

CT and Diem are in 1st, so they sleep in a tent with an air mattress, fur blankets, and heating lamps.  Johnny and Camila are in 2nd, and get a little heater.  Emily and Ty are last, so they sleep on 2 yoga mats.  Honestly, it would have been better if it had been, like, a hotel room v. a cabin v. a tent.  But I guess there aren't a lot of hotels on the middle of glaciers.

To be continued!!!

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