13 March 2012


Raylan hides the gun that shot Gary in his apartment.  He also has apparently gotten an anonymous tip to investigate a missing male hustler.

The town pimp is using his drug-addled whores (including Ellen Mae) to rob banks like it's The Town.  One of the girls gets shot and killed in the process.  As they're disposing of the body, the pimp kills the other girl and Ellen Mae runs off.

Ava sweet-talks Raylan into visiting Boyd in jail, and Boyd sweet-talks Raylan into chasing down Tanner, the guy who shot up Boyd's clinic and framed him for the sheriff's explosion.  Raylan pays a guy to pretend he's ATF and tells the sheriff he looked at the car and thinks Tanner was involved.  Raylan follows the sheriff when he goes to meet with Tanner.  Tanner's stuck on a landmine, because he associates with people who dabble in explosives.  Unfortunately for Tanner, the landmine goes off before he can tell Raylan anything.  Raylan hides out at Tanner's mom's house and catches Bubba's second in command coming by to pay her off.

Ellen Mae runs to Ava for protection.  Ava calls the pimp and tells him he can have her for $2000.  When he delivers the money, Ava shoots him through the chest.  Badass Ava rules.  I think Boyd is pissed, but he says he respects the decision Ava thought she had to make, and appreciates her thoroughness in cleaning up the body.  Ava proposes that she become the new Madam in town.

Bubba hooks Quarles up with a "campaign manager" to fix the sheriff's election, and the debate.  Boyd shows up at the debate to steal the show.  Boyd Crowder in 2012, bitches!!!!  Boyd has his preacher moment of the season and turns the crowd.

Raylan visits Bubba and tells him that he knows he's linked to Quarles.  Looks like we're due for a nice Raylan/Quarles face-off next week.

Fun Tidbit of the Day: The sheriff uses mascara on his moustache before a debate. 

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