22 March 2012

Project Runway All Stars: Finale Part II

Come on, Mondo!  Let's do this!

Austin's having a fashion orgasm.  I don't want to watch Austin have a fashion orgasm. 

There's an awful fake, half-hearted red carpet and pathetic crowd of people.  This ain't Fashion Week, honey.

Austin calls his collection "Austin Scarlett" (natch).  It's made for a vampire from the 18th century who now resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and borrows clothes from her Hasidic dandy friends.  OK.....  It looks every bit the way he meant it to, but I don't consider that a good thing.  Meanwhile, he's fashion orgasming again.  Gross.

Mondo of course presents "Therapy" and it's wonderful.  I love the models' hair.

Michael bring us "Serengeti."  It's awesome.  A bit too literal for me, with all of the animal prints, but I'll allow it.

Austin's was just a bunch of melodramatic crap.  I'd be fine with Michael winning, but we know Mondo is my first love.  There is a ton of dragging things out; a TON.

Michael comes in third, which is crap.

Winner: Mondo.  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh Austin, always the bridesmaid but never the bride.  Take your homeless mother to Paris with you.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Exactly how I felt about the finale. I'm not sure what Hasitic dandy friends are, or why a 200-year-old vampire would borrow clothes from them while living in Williamsburg...but Austin Scarlet managed to take himself WAY too seriously once again.

My favorite part was when Mondo asked him if Liza Manelli knew he had raided her closet... Also loved it when Mondo won -- about time.