20 March 2012


The sheriff's deputies try to plant drugs in Shelby's car, but Shelby catches them. Boyd wants to retaliate, so he gets info on the Sheriff's sister from Bubba. He also gets Bubba on his side in the election... though I think Bubba is on all sides and no sides at all. Boyd pays a visit to the Sheriff's sister; I'm scared of Boyd again. But New Boyd just offers her a job.

Boyd and Ava offer free booze and blow jobs for votes. Democracy in Harlan rules!! Unfortunately, Sheriff Napier wins. Dagger. But then the Clerk of the Court has to overturn the results -- Napier is ineligible for office because his sister works for the Clerk now. Boyd is there to rub it in Quarles's face, and it's beautiful.

A male hustler with a gun comes to see Quarles in Wynn Duffy's RV, asking about his friend, the missing male hustler. Quarles tells the kid that he was pimped-out by his heroin addict father until he finally killed him at age 14. Insanity. Wynn Duffy is horrified, which is always amusing. He knows he's in too deep.

Dickie is scheduled to be released and Raylan has to make a victim statement to the court, and is apparently nervous about public speaking, so he's coached by the hot bartender. Quarles pops by the bar and says one day he'll kill Raylan. Raylan fires his gun, kicks everyone out of the bar, and says, "Why wait?" HE CHALLENGES HIM TO A GODDAMN DUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the bartender pulls a gun and Quarles gives up and leaves. And then Raylan bangs the bartender, because what else would he do? I love this bartender. She's awesome.

Raylan just ends up telling the judge to release Dickie so he can hunt him down. Because he enjoys chasing fugitives. And he wants Dickie to lead them to the Bennett money.

Psycho Quarles is in a hotel room, stripping down, giving himself a crazy, inspirational pep talk, and snorting drugs and drinking. And then he walks into the bathroom naked... where the male hustler who used to have a gun is chained to the toilet. Oh lord help us, Quarles is freaking NUTS and I love it!

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