01 March 2012

Top Chef: Texas: Finale

Don't we usually have a 3-way competition for the winner?  Kind of cool that there's only 2 this time, head-to-head.  Who would've thought Sarah would have a chance of beating Paul.

Challenge: Create a 4-course menu and the restaurant of your dreams, using ousted contestants as sous chefs.  Paul and Sarah choose their team based on a blind tasting of a dish made by each of the contestants.  Paul gets a professional chef who was in there as a ringer, Ty-Lör, Hot Chris, and Big Keith.  Sarah gets Nyesha, Tyler - the cocky asshole who didn't even make it to the top 16, Heather, and Grayson.

Shocker - Paul does an Asian menu.  Shocker - Sarah serves something with whipped lardo.  They both gets great comments from the judges, though it seems like they're more enthusiastic about Paul's overall.  But they always edit that deceptively anyway.

Winner: Paul.


And Sarah's a whiny bitch about it.  Waaaaaahhhhhhh you lost.

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