08 March 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Paula tells Ty he has no chance.  Which of course means he'll have full access to 3 holes in 15 minutes.

Diem whines/talks things out with CT.  She looks 53 years old.  She's the new Paula.  But at least she has cancer survival as an excuse.

The challenge is wedding-themed, complete with dresses and tuxes and eating a huge wedding cake and Dunbar dropping Paula in the ocean.

Power Couple: CT and Diem.

Emily and Camila decide to dress up as Ty and Paula, respectively.  Emily: "Are you sure this isn't racist?"  No, actually, I'm not sure.... Apparently, that's where Ty draws the line -- blackface made out of melted chocolate.  Ty says he's going home, Emily feels bad because she didn't realize blackface was racist, and Paula's begging Ty to stay.  But really it's not the racism that bothers Ty, it's just feeling alone and like he has no one.  You have the old lady, dude.

The show ends on a lame cliffhanger - who will be sent in to go against losers Ty and Emily?

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