06 March 2012


Justified has been renewed for a fourth season.  Let's all take a moment to thank the TV Gods for that.

Oh Gary. Poor, poor, stupid Gary.  As suspected, that was Gary's body in the preview for tonight's show.  Quarles shoots him in front of his house.  R.I.P. Gary.

As requested by Quarles, the Big Boss's Son plants the seed with the FBI that Raylan is dirty, and in Boyd's pocket.  Now Ned Ryerson's back to dig into Raylan and figure out what's going on.  And of course the local authorities have their suspicions about Raylan's involvement in Gary's shooting.  And remember that bullet that Raylan so awesomely threw at Wynn Duffy?  It's the bullet that was used to kill Gary, with his prints all over it.  Shit.

The cops think Raylan's story about throwing the bullet at Wynn is awesome.  When questioned, Wynn and Quarles of course deny everything and point out Raylan's drinking problem.  And then Ned Ryerson comes to question Raylan about being dirty.  Jesus Christ!  Everything's falling apart all at once!  Gotta love it!

Bubba shows up at Quarles's place to tell him that Boyd's backing someone else for sheriff.    And when the current sheriff gets in his car, it blows up (he leaves the car just beforehand, and so arrests Boyd for the crime).  The sheriff makes a big deal of doing a televised perp walk.  Turns out, the sheriff himself planted the explosive there.  Goddammit, why are my men being wrongly accused??

Between his 2 interrogations, Raylan realizes that it's likely Quarles put a weapon in his car to frame him.  And he's already given the cops permission to search it.  So Tim helps him escape the building to try to find it.  But then Winona calls him -- she found the gun in her house, didn't touch it (because she's not an asshole), and gets it out of there before the cops search the house. 

Ned Ryerson won't reveal the source of his tip, so the AUSA won't give an indictment.  And the cops don't have enough on Raylan either.  Quarles is a wee bit frustrated by this, and the Big Boss's Son tells him he's done... and that can only lead to bad things.  Like Quarles driving to Bubba's holler, chewing some kind of drug.

This was another great Tim episode, full of random awesomeness and bitchiness.  Wynn and Raylan have a great, hysterical discussion as well.  It essentially involves Wynn threatening to prove he's a natural blond by raping Raylan.  It's almost as great as a good Boyd and Raylan discussion.  Love Wynn Duffy.

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