27 March 2012


Art wants Quarles prosecuted for his threat against Raylan, and accompanies Raylan to protect him.  And Quarles wants his bribery money back from soon-to-be-ex-Sheriff Napier.  So Quarles works with him to steal the money from a local drug dealer, one who is under Boyd Crowder's protection.  He brutally murders the drug dealer. 

Dickie is released from prison.  Dickie has crazier hair than Boyd ever did, and that's saying a lot. Boyd wants Dickie dead, but not before he gets the millions.  Ellen Mae tells Dickie that Bubba keeps his money buried under the church.  Tim and Rachel get one of Dickie's cronies to wear a wire and transmit his conversation with Dickie about the money. 

A couple guys from Detroit are looking for Quarles, and Wynn Duffy seems willing to help them out. They go to the motel room and find that kid, still chained to the toilet with a ball gag in his mouth.  On the bright side, he's alive??

Quarles visits Bubba, with his cash and drug score, to see if he can lay low there for a while.  But Bubba doesn't want the drugs, and tells him to bring it back when it's all cash.

Wynn calls The Big Detroit Bad - Adam Arkin!! - and offers to take Quarles's place in the business once he's killed.  Adam Arkin tells him to bring Quarles to him dead or alive and he's in, with reward money to boot.  Boyd gets his revenge by luring Quarles to the brothel and tasering him.  He's on the phone with Wynn at the time, and Boyd hops on the line to partner with Wynn in taking Q out in exchange for the bounty.

When Dickie goes to pick up the 46 grand from Bubba's #2, Tim and Rachel are there to bust the drop and seize the money.  They also go to raid the church, but the money isn't there anymore.  Bubba's #2 partners up with Dickie to steal the money from Bubba, and wants to partner with Boyd too.

Lots of doomed partnerships starting here - everyone's coming together to get that money - and setup for the final 2 episodes.

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