11 March 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Create a ready-to-wear design that can be mass-produced for cheap and sold in stores.

It's all very boring, as none of the remaining four contestants have real issues with each other.  There's only some mild cattiness, but it all seems forced and is confined to the interview segments.

Kenley's dress is typically, fantastically adorable.  Austin makes a pink, pleated crazy-twirly coat.  Michael does another Golden Girls resort dress.  Mondo's dress is a typical crazy mix of fabrics, but I'm worried it's too boxy.  I don't want him to get booted; it'll break my heart again.

Winner: Mondo.  Oh snap!!  I thought he was going to go home.  YAY!

Bye-bye: Kenley.  The cut of the print kind of screwed her.  Whatever - she's still awesome.  Love ya, baby!!

So the finale will be Austin, Mondo, and Michael.  FABULOUSSSSSS!!!!!!

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Kim said...

Kenley sucks and so do you.