03 March 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Ty and Paula keep flirting and Paula keeps saying she has a boyfriend.  They end up making out.  And motorboating.  And screwing.  It's the Worst Thing I've Ever Seen.  Diem and CT have a massive, drunken, crying fight on a bus and it's the Greatest Thing I've Ever Seen.  Thanks for taking the sting off Ty banging that old lady, guys.

The Challenge involves handling slippery balls and - let's face it (this is too easy) - if there's one thing these people are good at, it's handling slippery balls.

Power Couple: Johnny and Camila.  Jesus Christ - it's always them!

The Dome: Rachel and Aneesa are sent in to go against losers Dunbar and Paula.  It's that awful giant-rubber-band resistance challenge.

Bye-bye: Rachel and Aneesa.

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