30 March 2009


Jack was exposed to the bio weapon - so he strips down in the middle of the road for a good hosing-down. He is freaking covered in scars. Hey - that CDC chick has been on this show before. I think in Season 3, with the virus at the hotel.

Larry says the words idiots have been saying on this show for years: "Jack was right about X." DRINK! Renee cries over Jack being possibly-infected. Jack's not crying about it - suck it up, bitch! She must be in love.

Jack's infected, but not contagious. Oh snap somebody find a cure, stat! I nominate Tony.

The Bad Guys have Tony. I'm bitter! They also have a bio weapon. But I have bigger things to worry about - Tony! Jon Voight offers him a deal and he refuses it (yay!). Luckily, there's a turncoat in Jon Voight's midst and he saves Tony and frees him.

The government know the weapons are at Starkwood, but they're freaking afraid of raiding it!? Didn't we go into an entire country to get WMDs but now they're afraid to go into a freaking office park?

The President makes her daughter the Interim Chief of Staff. Oh that's not shady - not at all. She's all of like 20 years old AND she's her daughter. This President is as dumb as all the others.

Aaron needs some damn sleep - it's the middle of the night - but the First Daughter pressures him into being her Secret Service dude. Bitch.

Tony calls the FBI and they set up a WebEx with the President to offer immunity to the Starkwood dude. A WebEx!!!!!! OMG so funny! Starkwood dude gives them the exact location of the bio weapons. Time for a mother-lovin' raid! I love how Larry just assumes Tony's going to help. Presumptuous ass.

But the weapons aren't there - it was a diversion. And the turncoat is a real ass about how he played Tony. OH NO YOU DID NOT! HE IS GOING TO KILL YOU! Starkwood commandos surround them. Oh snap. It's midnight.

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Karen said...

I thought that CDC chick was on before- that's a funny casting decision. "Hey, let's get the same woman from 5 years ago." Guess she had nothing better to do.. I thought Larry was a gonner when they showed up at the complex, but then thought Tony was with him so they can't ALL get taken out. Watch out! Of course there will be a cure for Jack. and I knew you'd like the hosing. The show started and I said, "Drop your pants and get sprayed" and of course they did. The President and her daughter are dumb. Dumb move, dumby.