28 March 2009

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I haven't blogged about this show in a while because every time I watched it, I'd just sit there with the blog window open and type nothing. The show hasn't been horrible, but it also felt like nothing happened. Even if Riley did die and Jesse maybe-died. But I thought I'd give it a shot this week.

I love John Henry. He is the cutest Killer Robot With the Mind of a Child ever. While he's playing with the Little Ginger Girl, he kind of shorts out when they're discussing "changing the rules." He's not so cute and childlike then. They power him down and then determine that someone planted a virus in his system. When they reboot him, he says, "There is another one like me."

The Connors leave their nice little home and go back on the run. Sarah pops by her old boyfriend Charlie's place, which happens to be a cute lighthouse. I love Charlie because he's played by Dean Winters from Oz. Who also happened to make a reappearance on 30 Rock this week. But I digress.

Sarah has discovered a lump in her breast, so she thinks that's the beginning of her cancer. She goes to the doctor who determines it's basically just scar tissue, but the scar tissue is forming around a piece of metal implanted in her chest. A transmitter. Sarah shocks herself with those cardiac paddle things in order to short out the transmitter.

But it's too late and the bad guys already know everyone's locations. The guys nab David Silver and come after John and Charlie at the lighthouse. Cameron saves David Silver OHTHANKGOD! My relief is short lived, however, when it's revealed that Charlie died. OHGODDAMMIT!

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