20 March 2009

Battlestar Galactica: The Series Finale

The End. Woah. I'm prepared for this to get depressing, and maybe a tad confusing. Longest blog post ever? Probably.

President Roslin thanks Doc Cottle and it's just lovely and sweet. I love Doc Cottle, that old curmudgeon. Roslin stays in the sickbay to help there with triage.

The all-volunteer rescue mission goes into effect. Hybrid-Sam gets moved to the CIC so his brain can run the Galactica's FTL and systems. Creepy. The ship is like half Cylon and there are Centurions walking the halls and everyone's prepped for battle. It's crazy good and tense and EPIC!

Baltar wasn't going to stay on the Galactica, but he ends up abandoning his harem and he stays. YAY BALTAR! I always liked him. Of course Baltar being Baltar, he panics quite a bit about fighting, and he fights alongside Caprica Six.

Galactica jumps to the alleged blind spot, but the Cylon ship immediately starts firing on it. Like, pounding it hard. Sam is activated and he communicates with the other ship, shutting it down. Now Galactica launches all of its fighters. It's crazy good space battle porn. CRAZY GOOD!

Galactica busts into the ship's hull, since there isn't a garage door that big. Now here come the Cylon fighters! Lee leads the assault team (of mostly Centurions) into the Cylon ship. WAAAARRRRR!

The Doctor Cylon is performing tests on Hera, and Boomer's had enough. She breaks his neck and takes Hera, handing her over to Helo and Athena, saying she owed it to Adama. Athena kills Boomer. They all make it back to Galactica with Hera, but Helo is shot and in the ensuing chaos Hera runs off. Dumb girl. She wanders the halls until she runs into Roslin. But then runs off again. I mean, really, it's like this kid doesn't want their help!

She ends up with Baltar and Six, and it's all very cool how the shots of Athena and Roslin looking for her are weaved in with that collective dream they all have had. But instead of the Opera House, it's Galactica. And just like in the dream, Six picks up Hera, and she and Baltar take her to the CIC, where the Final Five stand above them. I mean, really, SO COOL!!!

Then Dean Stockwell shows up and tries to take Hera. Baltar delivers an awesome little speech about God. Tigh tells Stockwell if he gives up Hera and ends the war he'll allow the Cylons resurrection. Stockwell agrees and calls for an immediate ceasefire. And just like that, it's over. Or is it?

The Final Five have to do this mind-meld type thing in order to hand over the resurrection designs to the Cylon ship. In the course of the mind-meld, Chief sees that Tori killed Callie. He gets pissed and breaks off the mind-meld, strangling Tori. And he kills the bitch. Which is great, cuz she deserved it, only now all the Cylons think that the plan was to betray them all along - so they open fire, and Stockwell kills himself. Then, in a crazy series of events, nukes are accidentally launched from one of the dead Raptors. And the Cylon ship gets blown to hell, with Starbuck jumping Galactica away. She doesn't have rendezvous coordinates - so she uses the notes of the Cylon song from her childhood. And holy crap at this point I have to take a breather because this is the most exciting show ever!!!!!

The ship jumps but now it's like falling apart. Literally coming apart at the seams. It's a horror show. No more jumping for Galactica. Wherever Starbuck has taken them, that's where they're staying. And OH MY GOD she's taken them to Earth. I want to jump around the room with geeky joy!

The rest of the Fleet joins them 12 hours later. Really? Are we going to get a happy ending? There's still plenty of show left....

They land in Africa and observe tribal natives, people with no language skills. They decide to spread themselves out all around the globe and start civilization all over again, with a clean slate and nothing but the clothes on their backs. Amazing. I. Love. This. Show. The fleet is left in Sam's hands - he guides all of the ships into the sun to destroy them. R.I.P. Galactica.

Chief chooses to live alone and gets dropped off on an island (I think it's Ireland - cute). Poor Chief and his life of solitude. So sad. Ellen and Tigh are together, the way they're meant to be. Ditto with Roslin and Adama, only she's freaking dying a slow death. So he takes her aboard the only remaining Raptor and they fly off. He takes her on a tour of the world and she dies while he talks to her. He buries her and continues talking to her about the cabin he's going to build them. Great, now I'm crying like a sap. So heartbreaking.

Starbuck tells Lee she's going off on her own, and then she suddenly disappears. Woah. Baltar and Six are rid of their angels/hallucinations, and live happily ever after. It's actually beautiful. Helo, Athena, and Hera are all in the Happily Ever After Club too. YAY!

In the final bit, Hera is off wandering on her own and I'm like, OMG keep the frakkin kid on a frakkin leash! But then we cut to 150,000 years later. Now we're in Earth as we know it today (Lil Wayne and all) and we've discovered the remains of "Mitochondrial Eve" - Hera. We get shots of robots, including that freaky Japanese human-looking robot.

All of this has happened before, but does it have to happen again? ................

This show exhausted me. It was everything a series finale should be. Exciting, sad, happy. Perfect. I'm off to try to get some sleep, and look forward to reading all the dissections tomorrow.

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