30 March 2009


I liked this episode better, because of one word: Sylar. He saves this show.

You know Claire and Nathan are in Mexico when "La Cucaracha" is used as a car horn. Oh Christ, this racist effing show. She's got a bad wig again, and this time it comes with bangs. Meanwhile, Mike is insanely jealous of Nathan's hair. Nathan enlists in some kind of drinking contest for money. Wait - you can get paid for drinking!? Sweet. Nathan passes out so Claire starts downing shots. I still don't understand how one makes money doing this....

Claire and her Indestructible Liver win and take her drunk daddy home. I'm getting a really, really creepy, inappropriate sexual vibe off her helping him get undressed. Hell, it's the Petrellis - they always give off a creepy, inappropriate sexual vibe.

Sylar shows up in the back of Agent Vampire's car, telling him they want the same thing - to kill people with powers. Sylar also beheads someone and pulls out a wee bit of a West Baltimore accent and now it's official -- I'm in love, hon!

Sylar offers his help to catch a shapeshifter who killed some agents. Sylar and Agent Vampire do some shapeshifter profiling and determine the dude likes to meet chicks at a club. They go and the shapeshifter is posing as Agent Vampire. Ew. You're not going to get laid looking like that bloodless monster. Sylar kills him after the guy takes on Sylar's form -- and now Sylar has shapeshifting ability. Sweet! Meanwhile, Agent Vampire tells Bennet it's Sylar who's dead. And Sylar and the Vampire are off on a mission to kill every powered person on Earth.

Angela goes to church. Peter has a conversation with Jesus, out loud. Awesome. MORE SYLAR PARTS PLEASE!

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Anne said...

How sexy was Sylar in this episode?! I love it when he smiles. *swoon*

And for the love of God, if Claire had time to go get bangs cut then why, why in the name of all that is holy, could she not have cut off some length and get rid of the effing wigs?!?!