29 March 2009

The Real World: Brooklyn

The news that he's being redeployed makes Ryan even more of a mouth-breather than he usually is. I watched this episode online, and every ad break was for the Navy. Somehow I don't think the military is as fun and "awesome" as they say. Ryan decides to wait to tell his girlfriend in person, and I have to say, that's the first smart decision Ryan's made.

Chet <3s Boobies, just FYI.

Scott eats a red velvet cupcake. That's the most attention I've paid to Scott all season. I'm not even sure his name is actually Scott.

Devyn gets a dog to force herself to be responsible. Yeah, that'll work.

There is far too much "drama" and moping over Ryan. Then they all decide to go to Atlantic City. They know AC sucks, right? But as with everything on this show, it turns into a giant ad - for the Borgata. I want to murder them for having this killer suite. Murder.

Ryan brings his "party hat" and I don't feel bad about him being redeployed in the least. The party hat is a huge, foam, blue cowboy hat. Asshat. Chet is his usual douchebag self, wearing his sunglasses while he plays cards AND HE WEARS A FANNY PACK!!

JD kills at slots - $3000. Who the eff wins 3 grand at slots!? Katelynn gambles. You may recall that Katelynn has no money -- and was given money by Scott so she could survive. I get excited at this point, waiting for Katelynn to lose, and the inevitable fallout. And she does, but Scott doesn't get upset. I want him to loan me money. And the red velvet cupcake.

Chet gets all excited about getting a massage. Because, of course, this will be the closest to sex he's ever had. Too bad he ends up with a Mom-type who just massages his feet. AHAHAHAHA At rare times like this, I love the Real World producers!

Final episode next week. Whut? Already? What happened to the good stuff? What happened to the big vacation? At least there's a bar fight to look forward to.

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