23 March 2009


Agent Vampire's house alarm goes off and when he goes downstairs, he sees Puppet Man all strung up, but still alive, left as a "gift".

Angela tells Bennet to hand Rebel over to Agent Vampire, I guess to appease him and throw him off their trail. But Rebel shows up to the building, taking out the power and all of the security. Tracy escapes and disconnects Mohinder, Matt, and Daphne from their drug feeds. Prison break!!

Tracy goes off on her own while the others go to the hospital to get Daphne's bullethole looked at. Rebel contacts her through an ATM machine, giving her money and a rendezvous point. Turns out Rebel is Micah, like I had expected, since that electronic mojo is his power. What I didn't expect was for him to hail a taxi in the Deepest Voice of All Time. Oh Micah, you've grown into a man. So cut the freaking mop top.

In the course of saving Micah so that he can continue his work, Tracy freezes a team of agents - and herself - to death. Agent Vampire shoots her and she shatters, but the eye on her split face winks so... she's still alive? I have no idea. Ali Larter has died a thousand deaths on this show.

Ando and Hiro are still doing the Two Men and a Baby thing with Matt's kid. Baby Matt has a power - he touches electronic things, they turn on. And then, in a pretty retarded little bit of convenience, when he touches Hiro, Hiro's power is reactivated. In time for him to freeze time when the house is being raided, and escape.

Also, R.I.P. Daphne. Again. For good this time. That whole thing was retarded. I thought this was supposed to be the amazing Bryan Fuller episode that was amazingly awesome. Well, it must have been all set-up because booooo.

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Anne said...

Hey, I liked it! But then, I'm very easy to please.