23 March 2009


Oops, Victor and Sierra are playing "husband and wife". The Actives aren't supposed to have sex drives. That Victor is an insatiable horndog. Except it turns out that Sierra's Handler was the one banging her. That's creepy in a taboo parent/child way.

Patton Oswalt! Sweet! He's an internet millionaire who rents out Echo as his wife. Agent Helo suspects him as a Dollhouse client, so he comes to his house. He's shocked to see the woman he knows as Caroline there. Echo's Handler leads her away as Patton's security fights with Helo.

Turns out the Dollhouse knows that Helo is investigating them, and they introduced Echo to him on purpose. Now it's time for Round 2. They send Echo out with mad skillz and she has a pretty epic fight with Helo. Make that really epic.

After they fight, Echo gives him a message from "a person on the inside". Basically saying the Dollhouse is real, there are 20 Dollhouses, and that he has to back off to let them get complacent. I don't know if that's real, or if the Dollhouse is really saying it to try to throw him off or what. But I think there's a rat in the House. Also, it turns out Helo's little neighbor girlfriend is really an Active. That was cool - she was activated in time to kill the Rapist Handler who was sent to kill her, and then she was deactivated. I think that the Madam of the Dollhouse wants more information on the upper echelon controlling the Dollhouses, and that's why she's using the FBI Agent. I don't know. But it's cool and I like it.

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