18 May 2009

24: Season Finale Part 1

When did I start being bothered by this show again? Oh right, the minute Tony turned bad again. DAMMIT!

Olivia is questioned about her possible involvement in Jon Voight's murder. At 6 AM. They had to move that quickly, huh? Couldn't wait until business hours? I guess that's the theme this season, hell, this whole series. NOTHING waits until business hours.

Aaron suspects Olivia's involved, so he has the old Chief of Staff (Ethan) access the recording system in her office. Olivia is a Giant C to Ethan, and now I don't feel sorry for her one bit! Olivia sees the recording system and does another one of those crapping-her-pantsuit looks I love so much. She has Ethan detained and demands to get the recording back, having the man strip-searched when he refuses to comply. Olivia destroys the data card, and I hope to god that's not the actual card. Indeed, it is not. Aaron had the card the whole time, and hands it over to Ethan on his way out. Ethan has a "compatible device" in his car so he can listen there. Of course he does. That's Contingency Plan G for him. How terribly convenient.

Ethan drives a Hyundai Genesis? Really? A Hyundai? He listens to the recording and hears the conversation between Olivia and her hitman middleman.

Meanwhile, for the Bad Guys, Contingency Plan W is in effect, as Jack is instructed to hand over Tony or else Kim gets it. Jack points his gun at Renee and the other FBI agents, even shooting one dude in the leg to prove his point. He meets up with Tony's Gang and Tony brings Jack along, telling his girlfriend that they can harvest the bioweapon out of Jack's organs. WTF!? You don't harvest Jack Bauer!! That's hardcore, Tony.

Renee calls Kim at the airport and tells her what's going on. I won't ask how the guy watching Kim got a gun in the airport, but the guy watching Kim got a gun in the airport. A Washington, DC airport. He gets in a shootout with cops and his wife holds a knife to Kim's throat until Kim stabs her in the leg with a pen. The guy gets away, as someone finally gets a low battery on their cell phone - Kim loses contact with Renee.

Naturally, Kim decides it would be a good idea to chase the psycho man with the gun by herself. The guy gets to a car, wrecking it as he tries to escape. The car is upside down and on fire, but that doesn't stop Kim from sticking her dumb arm in there. She's not that dumb though, because her intention is to get the laptop. She does, and gets on the phone with Chloe to backtrace the whatchamacallit in order to find out where Jack is.

Tony decides that 6:38 AM is as good a time as any to ask for a promotion in the Evil Organization. Not even the bad guys wait for business hours. Tony's girlfriend gets him a meeting with Alan, the Head Evil Dude, and doctors set about extracting Jack's spinal fluid. Luckily, Jack doesn't require spinal fluid like humans do, and he kills the doctors with his bare hands and escapes.

On to Hour 2....

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