05 May 2009

Fringe Fan Freaks The Eff Out

Holy crap! My friend Bobby Z. sent me a signed Fringe poster and I'm officially geeking out over it. I already have it framed and everything.

Well, I had to get it framed because I was licking the signatures and they were starting to bleed. For the record, John Noble wins the signature-licking contest over Joshua Jackson. Sorry, Anna Torv, you're cool and all, but no licking for you.

As an added bonus, Fringe is on tonight so I can awkwardly hug my poster while watching the show. And the picture stands for the letter "L" as in loser love.

Maybe I'll print a copy of my construction company's screenshot and put it in the corner. Because I'm a dork! Thanks again, Rob!

P.S. It's hard to take a picture of a framed poster. Really hard.

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