08 May 2009

Star Trek Was Awesome

Yeah, the movie kicked as much ass as I was hoping it would. The cast is perfect, the space porn is amazing, it has a great sense of realism. The sense of humor is off the charts, and there are lots of in-jokes and key lines from the show. I swear John Cho even had that Sulu smile at the end.

I was worried going in that I was going to be overdosed on lens flares. If you've seen the trailer and commercials, the lens flares are everywhere. But they didn't bother me. There are a couple places where they're over-the-top, but they really did fit. They made space seem bright and shiny, and too-huge to be captured on film. It was a nice touch.

And, being a J.J. Abrams production, there's even a Slusho reference.

I saw it Thursday at 8:00 and I was troubled by the fact that there were only 30 people in the theater. Don't get me wrong, it was lovely because I was expecting it to be way crowded. But does this not bode well for the weekend box office? Or maybe people have lives. Yeah, that must be it.


Kim said...

Did you wear your Star Trek uniform that mom made you when you were a teenager?

Juju said...

One more comment like that and I'm posting sac pics.