01 May 2009

The Duel II

Jenn's faux-lesbian drama bores me. Was she always bisexual, or just now when the cameras are on? Jenn sprains her shoulder and the doctor advises her not to compete. Jenn's smarter than doctors I guess, because she decides to stay.

Challenge: run, drive a luge, and solve a puzzle, all while wearing a giant bobblehead. Evan's giant bobblehead was the funniest bobblehead for sure.

Katie and Eric crack me up because they're so out of shape, but they always partner together. They didn't even make it to the puzzle stage! LOL!

Winners: Landon and Brittini.

Last picked: Jenn and Nehemiah (no!). Nehemiah picks Evan (who's a bitch about it - seriously, Evan, I used to like you a lot) and Jenn picks Katie.

Bye-bye: Nehemiah (Evan was hilariously spastic during the Duel, but somehow pulled it out) and Katie (I guess Jenn does know more than her doctor).

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