07 May 2009

The Duel II

Brad and Tori's fighting is as lame as they are. Good luck with that, guys.

Why was Isaac growing out his toenails for 6 months? For fun? I mean, I've done it, sure, but only because I've forgotten to cut them - not on purpose. Also, is Isaac learning disabled, a redneck, or both?

For once, the Challenge was very cool - the guys had to hold the girls by the hands to keep them from bungee-falling down a crevasse. The fall looked insane, and it's gotta be hella hard to hang onto someone like that. It looked terrifying.

Winners: Mark and Rachel.

Last picked: Isaac and Ruthie.

Isaac chooses Landon - because he cut Isaac's dirty toenails against his will. Seriously. Landon creams him. Bye bye, idiot.

Ruthie chooses Racist Kim. Diem is afraid Ruthie's going to pull out jujitsu? Maybe Diem's the racist. Surprisingly, Kim wins. Oh well. Ruthie didn't really have any friends in this game anyway.

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