02 May 2009


Echo's sent to deal with a troubled kid. Her imprint is the adult version of the troubled girl so that she can connect with her and help her. That's a lovely little nonprofit assignment. See, the Dollhouse might force people into what is essentially sex slavery, but it isn't all bad.

Victor is imprinted as Former Security Head Close-Eyes. He's good too - really has that dude's mannerisms and stuff. I loved it! They use him to open a file with some clues about Alpha.

Agent Helo rejects Mellie and then follows her when she is taken back to the Dollhouse by her Handler. He doesn't go in, but he tracks down the engineer who designed the self-contained/self-sufficient building. The engineer is weird and paranoid... and grows a lot of pot. A lot of pot.

The engineer gets them into the Dollhouse. Agent Helo tasers the Hot Geek and frees Echo from her sleep pod. But her old Handler is right behind him with a gun. They have a nice fight. They always have some goddamn good fights on this show.

Turns out the engineer isn't really the engineer. He's Alpha, and he killed the engineer and took his place. And when the Doctor and Victor walk in on him, he slashes up Victor's face. He nabs Echo, imprints her with someone, and makes out with her. To be continued.

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