31 May 2009

I Fangirl Stand-Up

We went to see Aziz Ansari at the Miami Improv last night. Aziz, of course, is from Human Giant and Parks and Recreation. And Pete Holmes opened for him, which was awesome. You should know Pete from Best Week Ever - you know, the old, good version.

By the end of the night my face hurt from laughing so much. Aziz is wild. He has a great bit about R. Kelly, and then he closed out his set by doing stand-up as his character Randy from the upcoming Funny People. If even a quarter of that is in the movie, it'll be awesome. Pete was just as funny. He had this great bit about needing to work out what "non-fiction" means in his head each time he sees it. I just about died - I said the same thing a few months ago. I literally see "non-fiction" and go "Fiction is false, non-fiction is non-false." Yeah, I'm smart.

Anyway, Aziz is touring so if you get the chance to see him DO IT! You won't be sorry. But your face will hurt.

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