05 May 2009


Freak of the Week: Woman freaks out on bus, woman spontaneously combusts into flames.

Lt. Daniels tasks everyone with establishing a link between William Bell and the ZFT terrorist organization. Walter determines that Bell's typewriter was used to write the ZFT manifesto. Also, there's a missing chapter, which he finds in the end.

Olivia keeps having visions. Like, full-blown hallucinations. Mike thinks she's seeing alternate realities, and so does Walter. Mike's smart I guess. His theory is that ZFT is working on bioweapons to fight a war in another dimension, and it looks to be correct.

There was a nice sequence of Star Trek in-jokes/cross-promotion with a conspiracy nut played by Clint Howard. He claims that Bell is activating the super-soldiers he experimented on when they were children. But then he also claims to be Spock.

They find the firestarter woman's twin sister, determine that the douchebag internal affairs guy from a couple weeks back is a bad guy, and then the twin sister activates and burns him up. R.I.P. Douchebag Guy.

Olivia asks Walter questions about the childhood experiments, and he cries, saying he doesn't remember what they were preparing for, but that something bad is coming. MY POOR BABY!!!! WALTER, I LOVE YOU! Pacey comforts him and holds his hand and I melt into a pile of goo on the couch.

At the end, The Observer shows up in Walter's lab and says, "It's time to go." Walter follows him. Season finale next week? Noooo! I'm not prepared to give up my show yet! Well, at least it got renewed, unlike half of my other shows.

Walter's Line of the Day: "A myth is just an unverified fact."

Walter's Food Craving of the Week: Frankenberry cereal. It helps him think. Awesome.

This week's code: VISION.

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