04 May 2009


A. Go Caps! Again. Some more. I like the hockey/24 combo we have working here the last 2 weeks.

B. 4:00 - 5:00 AM.

Tony and his Gang are working on framing the Random Brown Guy, making it look like he's a terrorist. RBG is forced to record an extremist speech, and he convinces his brother that he's a terrorist. Tony tells him that if he cooperates, he and his brother could live. What? How in the hell would that work? The dude obviously has to die or he'd tell the truth. The way I see it, his choices are 1) die in the attack or 2) sit by quietly while he's put on trial. I don't get how "You'll survive this" is a plausible statement. And then how do you leave the brother alive? He saw the Gang, he could identify them.

Jack has Chloe track down every Muslim in the Washington DC area. Every one. Racial profile much? Jack says it has to be done - and it's not that bad because Jon Voight said a Muslim was going to be used. So the racial profile has already been made for him, no blood on his hands.

Chloe finds out Jack's dying and quietly loses her S before sacking up and getting back to work. Poor Chloe. Jack sure is using a LOT of that anti-seizure medication. I hope it doesn't have any side effects or anything. It'd be great if next season he had to stop off for dialysis or something because he busted up his kidneys.

Chloe digs up the false information that Tony's Gang planted on RBG. Jack visits the Muslim leader in the dude's file and stands a centimeter from his face while claiming he's not threatening him. While they head to RBG's house, Chloe determines that everything in RBG's file has been backdated.

Olivia tells that dude she called last week that Jon Voight is behind everything, and that he's going into Witness Protection within the hour. (I love that they can arrange Witness Protection at 4 in the morning. Why wait for business hours when you can give a guy a new identity instantly?) I thought maybe that dude was a reporter or something but it soon becomes evident that he's a hired gun. Olivia's about to transfer money to the assassin when Aaron comes-a-knocking with word her Daddy wants to see her. That's enough to make her rethink things. Daddy's Girl.

For the 60th time today, the President neglects her Presidential duties, visiting her husband's bedside. Don't you have some terrorists to negotiate with or something?

R.I.P. Jon Voight, as the car he's transferred to explodes. Oops. Looks like Olivia's gonna owe somebody a quarter of a million dollars.

THE METRO!!! It looks like they're targeting the Metro! And oh crap Jack catches Tony next week. I'm going to DIE!

FYI, the Metro opens at 5 AM. It just now turned 5. And there are already people in the station. Good to know 24 is still stretching things, even with the move to DC.

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Karen said...

Side effects of the toxin to list: 1. Headaches. 2. Stomach upset. 3. Liquidy discharge. 4. Increased anger. 5. uncontrollable yelling. 6. close talking.