02 May 2009

Prison Break

Michael's mixing a bunch of stuff together. That can't be good. He's also wearing a cable-knit sweater in Miami, and there aren't even any tattoos to hide anymore. He's so weird.

He ends up putting the chemical compound into the air vents of the Bad Guys' car. When the Bad Guys leave their car in coughing fits, Michael picks up his mother and throws her in the trunk. Happy Mother's Day! My pregnant girlfriend and I are duct taping you to a chair and interrogating you! You're welcome!

Mom reveals that Michael and Lincoln aren't really brothers. Oh good - they can have sex then, yes? What the hell, show? Why not just let them stay brothers? Up is down and black is white on this show. So big deal, Lincoln was adopted. They were still raised as brothers, that doesn't mean suddenly Michael is keen to betray him. All it means is that Mom doesn't hide her contempt for Lincoln. In fact, she essentially calls him a big, dumb ape no fewer than 3 times.

Michael drags his mom into the bathroom and threatens to drown her in the bathtub until she tells him where to find Scylla. He leaves, leaving Sara to watch over Mom. Mom seems to have Michael's gift for MacGruber-ing things, and rigs dental floss and a door stop to escape.

The General gives Lincoln and his boys one day to find Scylla. And he gives T-Bag instructions to kill Lincoln once he returns with it. He also tells T-Bag to kill the scientist dude they were questioning, which he does.

Everyone converges on the hotel where they're holding the energy conference. Lincoln heads inside and watches as the Indian Prime Minister's son is assassinated. Mahone and Michael Rapaport find their passports in a getaway car, determining that it's a trap. They've all been framed for the murder. Big deal, I say.

There are 2 more episodes? What? I thought there was just one, dammit.

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