29 May 2009

The Duel II

Wow, so Aneesa and Rachel were involved before. It's been 7 years (OMG, we've known these people for 7 years?) and Rachel must be awesome because Aneesa can't let it go.

There are a lot of effing lesbians on this show. At least they bring some drama to this show, unlike the boring dudes who discuss dream interpretation.

The challenge is a weird upside down/up high/tightrope/walking on your hands challenge. I wouldn't be able to do a single one of these heights challenges. And that's the only reason why I decided not to compete this year.

Winners: Landon and Rachel. They need to switch up these challenges so other people have a damn shot.

Last picked: Derek and Jenn. Derek chooses to go up against Evan (and boy does Evan like to whine about being picked) and Jenn chooses Diem. Haha Jenn was too afraid to pick Aneesa.

Bye-bye: Derek (he sucked so hard it was laughable and cringe-worthy at the same time) and Jenn. I like Jenn, but I'm not sure why. She has bad eyebrows and talks about people having bad souls so they don't deserve to win.

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Kim said...

Did you see the preview for the Real World Cancun during the show??! It looks good but I don't trust MTV after Real World Brooklyn.