26 May 2009

The Duel II

What have I been doing with my life? Where are my priorities? It took me this long to watch the latest episode.

The challenge is pretty dull, involving much dangling and usage of arm muscles. Winners: Landon and Brittini. Damn, do they win everything? It wasn't even a team challenge and they both win.

Last picked: Dunbar and Paula. Paula chooses to go up against Aneesa, and Dunbar picks MJ.

Dunbar: "I'm confident that I can probably handle him." If you use the word probably, then you're not that confident, right?

Paula's still got this hangup about Dunbar and Kim. Let it go, you dumb Cougar.

Bye-bye: Dunbar and Paula. Good - because I hate Paula, and now we don't have to hear her whine about missing Dunbar.

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