15 May 2009

The Duel II

Has Evan never hooked up with anyone on these shows before? He was kind of with Coral, but that was more of a friendship, right? He always seems to be laughing at everyone else's drama and hookups, but I don't think he's had any of his own. Good. I hope he keeps it that way. Evan has no tolerance for these people. I love it and I love his sarcastic ass.

Paula the Aggressive Cougar is all territorial over Dunbar and his relationship with Kim, even though they're not even together and Dunbar has a girlfriend. Paula really is a psycho. And she's too old to be acting this way. Or else she just looks old.

Speaking of old, Mark should probably stop bragging about being 37.

TJ, in typical douchebag fashion, keeps his sunglasses tucked into his shirt - at the back of his neck. Loser. I hope he lays back on them and drives a glass shard into his skull. Kill yourself.

These heights challenges kind of make me ill. I would piss myself. Yep, I would 100% piss myself standing that far above a canyon. And wow, Landon and Brittini tore that up.

Eric crushes a testicle. LOL. Big Easy cracks me up. Too bad he refers to himself as Big Easy.

Challenge winners: Landon and Brittini.

Last picked: Derek (I had to wait until they put his name up on screen to type that - I have only a vague idea of who he is. I certainly don't know his name.) and Kim. It took Dunbar forever to choose Paula over her. So funny. Derek chooses Eric and Kim chooses Jenn.

Bye-bye: Eric and Kim. Paula of course gloats over this and makes fun of Dunbar for being upset. Paula is a giant C.

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Kim said...

You've gotta watch the After Show. I used to like Kim until she said that the fact that Dunbar would give her instructions on how to S his D made her enjoy giving BJs now. Oh yes. And Paula is SANE compared to how she was on her season of the RW! She must be on some pretty good meds.