10 May 2009

Last Dollhouse Ever?

I hope this isn't the last Dollhouse ever. But it's a long shot that it'll be renewed, so I'm not really holding out hope.

When we last left the Dollhouse, Alpha took off with Echo, after imprinting her as his girlfriend. He also takes all of Echo's imprints. They're off Bonnie & Clyde-ing, and Alpha's got a multiple personality thing going (48 personalities, to be exact). They kidnap a chick, strap her into Alpha's homemade imprinting chair, and imprint her with Caroline's original personality.

Then Alpha imprints Echo with a combination of every imprint she's ever been. But that backfires, when Echo attacks him instead of the other woman. They have a nice fight, as is customary on this show, ending when Alpha shoots the other woman in the neck. His psycho-killer goal is to imprint women all over America with Caroline's personality and then cut them up and kill them.

In flashback, it's revealed that Dr. Saunders was once an Active named Whiskey, paired up with Alpha for some hot bloodplay threesome action. OH SNAP! I didn't see that coming at all. Alpha became obsessed with Echo, and cut up Whiskey's face in Bonsai class when he wanted Echo to be the #1 Doll. He then goes on a violent rampage, poking out his Handler's eyes and killing the old doctor.

Before becoming an Active, Alpha was a criminal named Karl Kraft, imprisoned for attempted murder and on his way to becoming a serial killer. Agent Helo and Awesome Handler track down one of his victims and get the location of Alpha's hideout. It's an old nuclear power plant, which is pretty much the coolest hideout ever.

Agent Helo saves Echo, and the Caroline imprint, but Alpha is still on the loose. Helo strikes a deal - he'll work for the Dollhouse if they let November/Mellie/his old fat girlfriend free.

That was a really good episode, but it'd be better if it wasn't the last.

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