06 May 2009

Lost: More Mind-Effing

A. Bloody Penguins.

B. Lost.

Daniel's still dead. Charles kicks Jack and I cheer. Made his face all bloody and everything. Nicely done.

30 Years Later... and Richard still looks the same damn age. Richard tells Locke and Sun that he remembers Jack & Company coming to the Island 30 years ago, and he remembers because he watched them all die. Locke asks to see Jacob, but first he leads Ben and Richard to the heroin plane. Then he tells Richard what to say to the past version of Locke that comes traipsing through the jungle (you know, when he was shot and Richard told him to come back to the Island). My head is spinning as Locke watches Richard and Past Locke have their conversation and then Past Locke disappears. Once they're back at the beach, Locke addresses all of the Others and tells them he's going to see Jacob, and wants everyone to come with him. I'd be all, No thanks, you go talk to the invisible creepy dude, I'll just stay here on the beach and get some sun.

I still don't really get the timelines here and how the time travel works, but since Rule No. 1 on this show is "Jack is always right" I just have to accept what he says. He kind-of-explains things to Daniel's mother and 70s-Richard and tells them they need to detonate the bomb. Kate wants to go back to the village because she no likey nuclear bombs, and when one of the Others moves to kill her, Sayid shows up and sharp-shoots the bastard.

Sawyer is being questioned by the Dharmas, and punched a lot. Phil punches Juliet square in the face in an effort to get Sawyer to talk. This is one violent episode.

Dr. Chang catches Jin, Miles, and Hurley trying to escape the village. He believes they're from the future, and plans to evacuate the Island as Daniel had instructed. Sawyer and Juliet board a sub to leave with everyone else. Sawyer plans to escape Dharma's clutches once in Ann Arbor, and make a lot of money betting on Super Bowls and buying Microsoft. He and Juliet are lovey and happy... and that's when Kate boards the sub. Oops. Third wheel alert!

The sub departs (though next week they're back on the Island), and Jack, 70s-Richard & Company arrive at the bomb. "Now what?" asks Daniel's mother. Exactly.

The episode ends with Locke leading his people like Moses, down the beach to Jacob. Locke tells Ben that he plans to kill Jacob. That seems like a bold move, but I don't really know what it means.

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