12 May 2009

Fringe: Season Finale

It's the last episode of Fringe, but I'm not going to cry. It's the one show I love to death that I know is coming back. So I'm relieved. Still sad to see it go, but relieved. I LOVE YOU, WALTER!

Nina was shot at the end of the last episode, and she is taken to the hospital while Olivia & Company investigate. The German Transporter Dude (Jones, such a German-sounding name) was among the assailants caught on video. They didn't just shoot her - they also stole a super-cool-high-tech-apocalyptic energy cell from her bionic arm.

Jones is dying as a result of his teleportation, with his face melting off, and is seeking revenge on William Bell. Nina makes a deal with Olivia: find Jones and she'll get Olivia a sit-down with Bell.

Pacey arrives in the lab to find Walter missing. They check his usual places - falling asleep in the cafeteria, falling asleep in the marine biology lab while cleaning out the tanks - but he's nowhere to be found.

First Walter's in a cemetery with The Observer, then they're having a nice long walk on the beach, talking about how "there is more than one of everything." Walter is led to a house, where it's up to him to remember what he's supposed to get there.

Jones is out on the streets of New York trying to do something that looks like ripping a hole in the space-time continuum (as if I know what that looks like). A semi truck slips through, and then Jones decides he has the wrong coordinates. Meanwhile, Olivia and Charlie are like WTF is up with this weird non-registered alternate-reality truck? Then Jones strikes again at a soccer field, and this time his bubble cuts a person in half.

Pacey tracks Walter down to the house, which is their abandoned beach house. Poor Walter is freaking out trying to remember what he's looking for. After some nice, calming storytelling from Pacey, Walter remembers, and digs out a box with some kind of device that can be used to plug up holes in the universe.

Nina tells Olivia & Company that Bell isn't in our world - he's in an alternate-reality. And Jones is trying to break through so he can get to him, he just has to find the right location.

Olivia's team and the Bishops converge on Jones's location at the same time. Olivia shoots at Jones as he walks toward the hole he's opened up, but he doesn't die. And then Pacey activates Walter's device, cutting Jones in half. R.I.P. Freaky German Dude.

In the end, Walter is back at the cemetery... at a grave marked "Peter Bishop 1978-1985". I literally gasped. He was always talking about Pacey being sick and almost dying as a child. It would appear he did. And earlier he talked about something precious being lost to him, and his desire to open up a hole into another reality. WHO IS PACEY!? Is it alternate-reality Pacey? Did Walter bring him back!? WTF!?

Then Olivia is riding an elevator when she has one of her alternate-reality flashes. She gets off and arrives at Bell's office. He has a newspaper that reads Obamas Set to Move Into New White House. It also reports Len Bias wins MVP (he's dead) and Former President Kennedy to Address U.N. (he's not). AND THE OFFICE IS IN THE WORLD TRADE CENTER!!!!!

This show blew my mind. Now I have to watch it all over again to try to pick up Alternative Pacey clues. Not that I wouldn't have anyway. See you on the DVD!

This week's code: GRA. No, really, I think it was GRA. Maybe it was cut in half by the hole Jones made.


MJ said...

Pacey Clue - Walter asked him if he remembered collecting coins when he was little and Pacey had no recollection!

Also, Len Bias would be like 45 if he were still alive. I doubt he would be dunking over Lebron these days.

Also - did you notice that there was not floor 13 when she got in the elevator.

Juju said...

Mike said the same thing, but there's never a 13th floor. Maybe if they had tall buildings or hotels other than Red Roof Inn in PA you'd know that.

Wow, yeah, Len Bias would be old. Well, I guess in that future old people can ball.